From PBR in Springfield, Missouri this past weekend to aboriginal communities in the outback of Australia, Riding High is on the move!
A special thank you from Rodney Mitchell… We had a great weekend in Springfield! A special thank you to all of the volunteers who helped us. Congratulations to LJ Jenkins on the win and also a big thank you to Cody Nance and Frank Newsom for an awesome time of sharing at Sac River Cowboy Church.
When I first got to Australia, Troy Dunn, Australian PBR bull rider, and his family helped unload my bags into their house and we were off to work.  Troy had some cattle that needed to be moved, so he and I spent the next several hours riding and talking through the rough Australian bush looking for beasts.  Along the way, we came to a small house on their property and I briefly met a young couple staying there, working for Troy.  The next morning, this same young man was at Troy’s house ready to work with his wife and 9-month old child by his side.  Troy worked it out so this young man and I would do a job together. I could sense our Father was up to something special.
We began to work and the young man told me he watched a video of me that morning which he really liked.  I asked him where he got it.   He said his brother is a professional rugby player, had seen it and mailed it to him.
I asked what he thought and his response was “Priceless.  That is what I want. How do I get it?”  Right there…a heart was turned with a spouse right there. The two of them asked the most simple, profound questions like… “Everything I see about Jesus I want in my life and I want to believe, How do I do it?” and “I don’t  know how to pray and can’t read well, what should I do?” The couple had no fear. Like children, they trusted and wanted to know what happened next.We baptized them that night and have set up regular followup.
My life has been committed to being a son of God and pointing others to communion with Him through a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. Only that is what we are created for. I see pain and suffering around the world as people look for other ways to exist. It is killing them. It is heartbreaking to know the truth yet see so many people believing lies that end in pain and death.

As my family and I have tried to do our part in telling people about the love of our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, one of the greatest and most unique tools we have been given is our 30 minute video showing a wild horse being trained along with bull riders telling their stories, “Born Wild, Created to be Free” is being viewed around the world in places like Burma, Thailand, Brazil, Guatemala, Russia, Romania, Belize and Australia. In each of these places, I have gotten to see how our Father is using the lives of PBR riders in ways none of us would have ever expected.

In Australia, I was encouraged to continue to use this video connect with the hearts of city folks, aboriginal natives, and country folks. Truth is universal and when the truth can be told in love. It changes lives.

I feel like a proud father watching the men of PBR using their position as athletes as an opportunity to show God’s love to a hurting world. Through ministry to PBR, mission outreach, prison ministry and wild horse breaking events Riding High Ministries have so many opportunities to spread that same love. We are committed to finishing the race set in front of us. Thank you for the many the ways you support us including financially, prayerfully and with your time.

For the love of a nation – For 27 years, Steve and Kerrie Grace have been committed to loving their nation, Australia, through music ministry. Steve is a well-known recording artist here who is also known for his sacrifice to give to the forgotten. He and his wife have spent their married life traveling through the outback communities to provide free concerts in order bring communities together and hear about God’s love. The last two nights, I have watched these communities welcome and embrace us as family. It’s an honor to travel with them to share the gift of Jesus!

What’s next? – After 35 hours of travel, I am finally back to Idaho.  What a trip! While I’ll be seeing a surgeon to fix the torn ligament in my elbow, we continue to appreciate your prayer as we keep partnering with PBR both in the US and Australia, preparing for PBR World Finals in Las Vegas and more. Once again, we are grateful for your partnership in the Gospel.