I’m headed home from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC with a full heart. My time in Asheville allowed me to do far more than break a horse and preach. Our Father put me in a position to share hope with people overwhelmed with life….people just like you and me that are tempted to bury hardship or quit trying. Believe it or not, the everyday lives of families behind the PBR are also faced with constant struggle against temptations and illusions. Many of these that we love deeply have had their personal lives and families torn apart because they have slowly shifted from living with the Lord at the center of their lives into living for this world.

One of many reasons I am thankful to minister through the Born Wild, Created to be Free presentation is it’s an opportunity for our staff and fans to sit and consider for themselves why their lives are not working. Along with a scared horse getting transformed, talented musicians singing the message, and the words of the Gospel being spoken, the resounding questions are continually being asked…

…Why are you running?
…Where are you going?
…What is your purpose?
…Can you trust me?
The horse this past weekend was an abused 2-year old that a gentleman rescued from a man who is now in prison. The rescuer said he couldn’t even get close enough to the horse to touch him. Within 25 minutes this wide-eyed colt gave his heart to me and I was able to ride him. No bucking, no fighting, just peace. Love conquers fear! Although I hate to see the suffering of people due to sin, I love to see Jesus continue to rescue His children one by one.

Just like a wild horse, once we’re finally convinced of the love of the Father, the chaos is settled, anxiety turns to peace, depression becomes joy and new beginnings are really possible. Please know that if you happen to be running scared, you too can experience our Father’s love, peace, joy and freedom by a personal relationship with Jesus.

This weekend I will join the Brown Family Ministries again to minister in Boise, Idaho. On Saturday, we will go to 2 prisons to do a special service with the inmates. Sunday, we will do a Born Wild, Created to Be Free presentations in both an Oregon prison and in LaGrande. Monday, we will do another service in a third Boise Prison. 4 prisons and a public event in 4 days! Lots of driving and tight schedules. We ask you to join us in asking our Father to go before us and behind us. We thank you. We love you.